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Red ball vs. Green Ball around the Blue EFE The balanced LOE world has a small regulating agency (red ball), and small amount of fraud (green ball) , around a world that is mostly an economically fair environment.


Date Published - November, 2006

Audience: Emarketplace Hosters, Administrators, Developers, and Owners.

RE: How and Why to License and register the LeadOptionEngine

Even though licensing and registering LeadOption emarketplaces is required by the governments of most intellectual property respecting nations, there are many other reasons to work with us and our team of partners, instead of against us: mostly, we help you succeed and we help you deliver high quality performance, with less hassle.

Intellectual Property Protection, Legislation, and Norms of Behavior require that all LeadOptionEngine emarketplaces are certified as an Economically Fair Environment or "EFE". Certifying is LeadOptionEngine.com's role.

LeadOptionEngine.com licenses the LeadOptionEngine Max Price Model Systems and Methods, to create and monitor working implementations of service related emarketplaces. ProjectWork.com is a model and example of features that will be found in future Lead Option Exchanges.

ProjectWork.com is designed to interface several applications to deliver one complete emarketplace to end users, which shows services that Lead Option Exchanges can offer.

Hence, the LeadOptionEngine advanced emarketplaces has several major businesses involved. There is the client, the customer, probably a broker and a Lead Option Exchange, which is like a New York Stock Exchange, except for leads, instead of stock. Just as stock exchanges are regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The LeadOption emarketplaces are regulated against excessive fraudulant and excessive criminal transaction activity by the Internet Agency for Economic Joy (IAEJ.net), and the Internet Agency of Economic Justice (IAEJ.org). The Joy Agency is an education agency that educates customers, clients, and emarketplace administrators and owners on how to operate efficiently, and maintain quality standards. Should legal enforcement be necessary the Justice Agency is called to perform legal functions, if necessary. Soon, both organizations will be able to found at
IAEJ.net Joy Agency, and
IAEJ.org the Justice Agency.
Complaints/suggestions will be able to be filed at both agencies.


An example of an EFE is a basketball court, or a football/soccer field. These environments are generally accepted as "level playing fields". That's what an emarketplace is, if it's an EFE, a level playing field.
License Rules  
The following high level rules are to be adhered to for all licenses created from November 1, 2006 until this page is updated by a new license. Almost all license contracts will adhere to the high level rules.

Fee Regulations

LOE Emarketplace fees are reasonable fees that pay for services LeadOptionEngine.com perform monthly. License fees are directly dependant on:

1)Things provided by LeadOptionEngine.com to the Licensee Emarketplace (LE) for development or administration.

2) Penalties for excessive emarketplace Emarketplace Fraudulant Transactions, Inactivity (should licensee not develope business per requirements), Emarketplace Criminal Activity.




Fees are required from all LOE Emarketplaces. The rates vary from 7% to 50%.

Fee Guidelines:

50% - 40% for Brokers where projectwork.com acts as their Lead Exchange. Most of the infrastructure is not provided by the Broker.

For example, one broker may make a living by finding work for 20 painting contractors.
15%-25% for Lead Exchanges whose development is directed by LeadOptionEngine.com Most Lead Exchange or LOE Emarketplaces are of this category.
7%-10% for large Lead Exchanges that supply all of their own infrastructure. LeadOptionEngine.com only collects minimum fees for certification, monitoring, and guaranteeing the LeadOptionEngine brand name and trust to these large Lead Exchanges. This is only for the very largest corporations who provide all their own infrastructure. And LeadOptionEngine.com strives to provide the very best value to its large emaketplace customers by providng a free range of services including software design, and monitoring services.


Under 3% Fraudulant Transactions No Penalty
3% to under 5% Fraudulant Transactions (5% of fraud) 0.15% to 0.25%
5% Fraudulant Transactions (1 % per 5% fraud) 1.00%
10% Fraudulant Transactions (1 % per 5% fraud) 2.00%
15% Fraudulant Transactions (1 % per 5% fraud) 3.00%
20% Fraudulant Transactions (50% of fraud) 10.00%
30% Fraudulant Transactions (50% of fraud) 15.00%



What happens with the penalty money?

After the Internet Agencys' costs of energy and stress have been paid from the penatly amounts, the remainder is invested in some way back into the marketplaces or the businesses that support the group of people that can be best selected to represent the victims of the fraud. The Internet Agency is not allowed to make profits from penalty fees. The penalty fees are to be spent on behalf of stimulating commerce for the victims.

We are trying to prevent penalties. All we require is that a reasonable plan be put into place to lower excessive fraud rates over several months.
LeadOptionEngine.com provides education, LOE Architecture assistance, business assistance, partner interfacing, and several other offerings to LOE emarketplace businesses.

When you succeed,
we succeed!!