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An Internet emarketplace system is much more complex than the simplified explanation below. Emarketplace criminal abuse reduces the performance of all Maxprice Model systems. To prevent criminal abuse MaxPrice Model emarketplaces need to license with a proper Internet Architecture Vendor. The MaxPrice Model System can also be used to help ensure voting systems are legitimate. Thus MaxPrice Model emarketplaces effect the balance among wholesale emarketplaces, monopolies, governments, vendors and customers. Laws in many countries hold emarketplace owners accountable for Emarketplace Criminal Activity (ECA). ECA rates are monitored by Internet Architecture Vendors of MaxPrice Model emarketplaces, such as the LeadOptionEngine Organizations that maintain emarketplace systems, and become powerful economic sectors where vendors and customers earn livelihoods from the connections made, are subject to ensuring Emarketplace Criminal Activity levels are low to lower liability risk.

The LeadOptionEngine:
What It Is:

The LeadOptionEngine® is the original MaxPrice Model system, determined on January 5th, of 1999, to be an extremely worthy Internet invention. Before explaining what it is, we will first review other technologies, the telephone, and the television, to help explain how the Internet is.

As a major new technology develops, certain methods are discovered in how to use new technology. For example, when telegraphs were deployed in 1800's, two inventors had the same epiphany after thirty years of telegraph single message use, a multiple message telegraph could be invented to transfer voice, and hence, the telephone was invented. The two inventors, without ever seeing each others paperwork, raced to the patent office within hours of each other. And remarkably the two inventors had very similar drawings, and paperwork. Why? Because intelligent minds work alike. And really, even to this day, wired telephones are remarkably the same as they were back in the 1800's. The only two major additions to the telephone are wireless technology, and adding a computer to the phone to remember text such as phone numbers. The point is, once society discovers a new technology, the best inventions using that technology is usually discovered quickly, and does not change much, for a long time. Even after a hundred years, a telephone today does the same thing it did one hundred years ago, it carries voice from one place to another in real time. Quality has improved, but essentially functionality has not changed.

Television is also similar. We have had three major advanced in television over 80 years. First there was black and white, then color, then HDTV. And that's about it. In the end you have a box, and you can see and hear what is happening somewhere else, in real time. It's as amazing today as it was in the 1930's.

With the Internet, the same kinds of events are occurring. There is probably only one best way to connect customers with vendors across the Internet in real time. And that method is the MaxPrice Model system that is at the heart of the LeadOptionEngine®. For example, given 50 million vendors who compete every day for business, it is a difficult task to match a customer, using economically fair methods, with the right vendor, in real time. The computer and the Internet makes this possible. Out of 50 million vendors, in real time, the LeadOptionEngine can find the best three matches for a customer or a vendor. This is an amazing thing. This will allow all 6 billion of us, eventually, to think as one entity. By matching what people demand, with what people can supply, in real time, with billions of users, will create a powerful and balanced global economy.

Here, in a very simplified manner are the critical portions a vendor or customer will use in any MaxPrice Model system:

Maximum Price: $2.00
Maximum Exposure: $100.00
Time Period: 1 month
Market Price: $0.74
Connections To Date: 15

The Maximum Price refers to the maximum amount of currency a user is willing to pay for a connection. The "connection" can be a click on a link, an email, transfer of contact information, could be a chat window, even a phone call. This connection connects the customer with the vendor. The user enters in the Maximum Price. This is far more efficient than bidding systems, where users repeatedly change bid prices. A Maximum Price is entered, and the market works from there. Zero can also be entered as a Maximum Price.

Maximum Exposure is a the total amount of money the user is willing to pay for all connections during the Time Period. The Time Period can be system set, like per month, or set by the user, depending on how the emarketplace is set up. Embedded in the Maximum Exposure is also the number of connections the user will receive. The number of connections can be limited by number or by a currency amount. A user may only want 5 leads, (or connections). Or the user may want as many leads as possible for a total of $100 at $2 per Maximum Price paid per lead.

The Market Price is an emarketplace formula. There are an infinite number of formulas that can work. Here is the classic formula:

Ten users enter in the following Maximum Prices:
$2.00, $1.50, $1.00, $10, $0.70, $0.50, $0.20, $0.20, $0.10, $0.00

Five users are chosen to display to the end user. Those with the highest Maximum Prices are displayed. The fifth user sets the Market Price in this formula, the $0.70 price. Hence the ACTUAL prices paid for the connections or leads are:
$0.74, $0.73, $0.72, $0.71, $0.70

The $0.74 gets listed first, and $0.70 gets listed fifth. The first user pays a nominal 1 penny per position to be at the top.
Here is the magic:
Repeated bidding is not needed.
(Bidding is an inefficient process for lead generating Internet emarketplaces.)

Vendors can enter send data one time to the emarketplace, to specify a period of time, and pay different and fair market prices for leads generated.
(Bidding systems do not work. Vendors bidding several times per connection, can easily cost the vendor the time to bid 300 times for 30 connections. That means answering an email or logging into a system 100 times and making decisions, and bids, for 10 connections.)
With the MaxPrice Model, a vendor can enter in
  • ONE Max Price,
  • a time period,
  • a set of maximum exposure values,
  • and pay fair market prices everytime, and
  • enter in the data in 2 minutes.

The time difference is 2 hours for a bid process and 2 minutes for a MaxPrice Model process.

  • In our example, bid process users would have to spend 2 hours making 300 bids
    (at an avg of 10 bids per connection) to obtain 30 connections.
  • Only 2 minutes of data entry time for 30 connections is necessary
    using the MaxPrice Model process.
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